Borden Waste-Away,

your trusted residential waste

and recycling services provider.


We’ve served Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan since 1972.

Things have grown since then, but we are still committed to providing local and trusted waste and recycling services.


Borden Family Garbage Service Pickup

Borden Trash and Recycling

Welcome to Borden Waste-Away, your trusted, family-owned trash and recycling provider serving Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. Safety is our top concern, prioritizing the well-being of your family, our team, and the community as we handle your trash. Our services encompass garbage and recycling for residents, homeowner associations, municipalities, and solid waste districts. With a dedicated and friendly staff, we strive to ensure a courteous experience, assisting with all your trash and recycling requirements.

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Looking to get started with waste and recycling at your house? Select subscription services to see what Borden can do for you.

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Our Service Area

We’re proud to provide trash services and recycling pickup to Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan – or what locals call, “Michiana.” We are constantly growing, so stay tuned for new expansions into your community. If you see your area on our map, Borden Waste-Away is an option for you!

Recycling with Borden

Recycling with Borden is an easy way to stay green. Our curbside service takes the hassle out of recycling, no sorting necessary. Simply toss all clean recyclable items in your Borden Recycling Cart and we’ll handle the rest.

Our partners at RecyclingWorks ensure that your recycling is reclaimed and repurposed, with less than 10% of recycled items sent to the landfill post processing. Get started today, and help make the world a greener place


Borden Dumpster Rental

Cleaning out your garage? Have a large project that needs cleaned up? Borden has your back. Borden’s dumpster rental is perfect for those who need a little extra space for their waste. Whether you’ve got a single household, a small company, or a public project that needs cleaned up, we’ve got it covered. Contact us to get started today!