St. Joseph County Indiana Recycling Service

We are proud to be your provider for recycling service in St. Joseph County, Indiana. As a city resident, you’ll receive one 96-gallon recycling cart. This holds six to seven tall kitchen bags. If you need an additional cart, please contact us.

St. Joseph County Recycling Service Day:
Monday – Friday, contact us to determine your individual service day. 

Recycling In St. Joseph County, Indiana
As a county resident, you’ll receive one 96-gallon recycling cart that is serviced every other week. If you need an additional cart, please contact us. A 35-gallon cart is also available. We’ll pick up your recycling on Monday – Friday.

Refer to our Recycling Tips for more information on how to get the most out of this service.

Help make a difference with Borden’s Single-Stream Curbside Recycling. Serviced every other week, Single Stream Recycling makes it easy to live an eco-friendly life.

  • Single-Stream customers will receive a 96-gal recycling bin to be serviced (bin size availability varies by location).
  • Single-Stream Recycling doesn’t need sorted like other recycling services. Just toss in any accepted items and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Please refrain from bagging recyclables.
  • Please exclude all plastic bags, clothing, masks, diapers, needles, food and organic items, cords, tape, covers, and liners.

With Borden’s help you can always ensure a spotless yard. Our Yard Waste Collection Service helps you make sure you’ve always got the best and cleanest lot on the block. Yard Waste cannot be recycled. If you are looking for yard waste removal, subscribe to regular trash service with us or consider composting.

  • Yard Waste Collection functions similarly to regular trash collection
  • All yard waste must be bagged and placed within your weekly trash collection bin and is collected on your regular weekly collection day.
  • Yard Waste Collection does not cover logs or large portions of shrubbery. We ask all waste to be cut down to an appropriate size before collection.

For more information regarding accepted and excluded items, please contact us.

Electronic waste can be a confusing hassle to dispose of. With Borden and RecyclingWorks, Inc. it’s as easy as 1 2 3. Our partners at RecyclingWorks can expressly deal with any electronic waste at our designated drop off points. Costs may vary per item.

Working with RecyclingWorks allows disposed of items to be recycled and repurposed, some even restored. This process reduces electronic waste overall, and our single-stream process keeps things efficient and running smoothly.

For more information regarding drop off points and our e-waste procedures, contact us.

  • Additional Large Item Removal services are priced per item.
  • Borden utilizes a specialized removal truck to dispose of heavy and bulky items. Operators are trained to remove items quickly and safely.
  • Currently large item removal services for St. Joseph County, Indiana are available only to Borden Trash subscribers. Please contact us to schedule a service.